viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

9. Her thoughts

It was our first date, but my desire for him was a long time in my heart that I could not take it anymore. He was as always talking and talking and laughing with that crooked smile he had, which made ​​me shudder every time I see it.
Happened many times in my head all night that idea, and already, in that bar full of art and jazz, nest of any musician, while he talked and laughed and laughed and talked, while we werw facing each other, I stood firm, without hesitation, I stood before him, and I kissed him.
And then I felt I had ever felt for anyone. Suddenly the kiss became more kisses, the kisses in caresses and  and
sighs in the ear, and sighs in  faltering breath .. The next day was a precious gift in my sheets, it was He.

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