sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011


On the morrow of that great night, he found a post-it on te mirror that was opposite the bed. It said:

"I have gone to write to de park, 
yes, today you are my ideas"

He smiled, took his camera and went out the door. Because today, she inspired him too.
When she arrived home she found him making  lunch and also she found something that she never had seen in the house before, a camera. She took it and saw all the photos that were already in the walls, the new photos of today and some photos of her while she were writting...

-Oh! you´re you! You are the "J" in the photos! Why did not you tell me? Are really good!.- She shouted.
-Simply, I didn´t want any contact with you, remember? I work as a waiter at my favourite bar, the photos are only a hobby that I reserve just for me.
-Not only for you if I am in your photos... shouldn´t have seen that! Give it back! 
-Tell me your fucking name once!
-Ok Mr.Jack..I´ll give you the camera if you...

She stopped to talk, took a photo of him, she begun to laugh a lot and said:

-Take it if you can!.- She kissed him and ran fastly to the shower.

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