lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Chapter 1.

Like every Thursday night in that great city, Ali is going to his favorite club,it was his favorite because as I said, was his property. He took it with his other two partners, Alexandra and Emma. I can say that these three were not the typical workers, the typical friends of lifetime that cried and laughed and seemed inseparable. They were something else, I saw it with my own eyes. As one of them had a problem, they would help. Yes,it stills sounds typical. But I saw something that unfortunately I never had at that time. As they entered the door of that famous nightclub or coffee of always they knew if something was wrong, just a glance. Believe me. It was shocking. They looked and laughed, looked and cried,they knew exactly when they should give a hug or just pass each other if they didn´t want to die. That was what set them apart from the rest,   they were like twins souls, the three musketeers, and thank fot destiny, I was his Dartañan.

another history. PRELUDE

The street was empty, was normal on a Thursday at 5 am. But in the distance, at the door of a trendy nightclub, a girl about 15 cm heels struggling to survive with what it was, a heart attack.She falls to the ground shot,she has no voice for help. Apparently no one on the street, but only apparently. A few eternal seconds later, the ambulance arrives, the girl's out of this. And she has no idea what will change her life from then ..

sábado, 21 de enero de 2012


  • 4U: For you
  • 4S: For us
  • ASL: "Age, sex and location" 
  • LOL: "Laughing Out Loud" 
  • O RLY?: "Oh Really?"  
  • OMG: "Oh my God!" 
  • OFC: "Of course!"
  • PLZ: "Please"
  • R U: "Are You?"
  • SOM1: Someone
  • SYL: See You Later:
  • THX: Thanks
  • U2: You too
  • WTF "What The Fuck?"
  • XOXO: "besos y abrazos"
  • XD:
  • B4 – Before
  • BF – Boyfriend
  • FB – FaceBook 
  • GF – Girlfriend
The first day was a failure, people didn´t answer us and others lost interest because they asked us a photo or web cam, we said no and they said goodbye.
 Esp speaks us,he says that he is 41 years old and is from Morocco, and he asks us the cam so we left him.
We found a girl from Cuenca, they are Maca and Elena.
Ayeham is 34, is a boy and he is from Pakistan
Dreamboy tells us that his girlfriend  cheated on him, he went to Mexico and he knows a little Spanish like "jajajaja"
Chipson was a very nice guy. He said he was bored because he was having a bad day.  He is from the Maldives, is 23. We said we were studying journalism. He started working very young

sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011


On the morrow of that great night, he found a post-it on te mirror that was opposite the bed. It said:

"I have gone to write to de park, 
yes, today you are my ideas"

He smiled, took his camera and went out the door. Because today, she inspired him too.
When she arrived home she found him making  lunch and also she found something that she never had seen in the house before, a camera. She took it and saw all the photos that were already in the walls, the new photos of today and some photos of her while she were writting...

-Oh! you´re you! You are the "J" in the photos! Why did not you tell me? Are really good!.- She shouted.
-Simply, I didn´t want any contact with you, remember? I work as a waiter at my favourite bar, the photos are only a hobby that I reserve just for me.
-Not only for you if I am in your photos... shouldn´t have seen that! Give it back! 
-Tell me your fucking name once!
-Ok Mr.Jack..I´ll give you the camera if you...

She stopped to talk, took a photo of him, she begun to laugh a lot and said:

-Take it if you can!.- She kissed him and ran fastly to the shower.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

9. Her thoughts

It was our first date, but my desire for him was a long time in my heart that I could not take it anymore. He was as always talking and talking and laughing with that crooked smile he had, which made ​​me shudder every time I see it.
Happened many times in my head all night that idea, and already, in that bar full of art and jazz, nest of any musician, while he talked and laughed and laughed and talked, while we werw facing each other, I stood firm, without hesitation, I stood before him, and I kissed him.
And then I felt I had ever felt for anyone. Suddenly the kiss became more kisses, the kisses in caresses and  and
sighs in the ear, and sighs in  faltering breath .. The next day was a precious gift in my sheets, it was He.

jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011


One day, she was writting in her notebook, the notebook which she never let anyone read it and he took it just to fuck.
-Give me, it´s not your toy!!.-She shouted.
-Oh! come on! Someday I had to do it!.
But the notebook fell off to the floor, and from the leaves left a photo. She began to cry.
And it happened what they were waiting for.... That incident brought them closer together.
-Yes, she is my mother, if I am here it´s not for other thing that her. Where I lived, I felt overwhelmed, I needed air. She died two years ago, of cancer. This was her favourite city. I know it like I was from here. And because of this I´m back. For feel myself like her when she went to here, free, for write everything and more, when she was in her dear Barcelona.
He didn´t say anything...Just he embraced her. And he understood some things.
And, obviously he fell in love a little more with her.

miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011


They don´t know how do it, but they don´t stop to argue, why? They don´t know it. About that there are clothes all over the floor, about who clean, about who pay, but without realizing also they argue about who go out with someone, about "see, how she is seeing you"or " see how he has touched you" but they don´t know  or they don´t want to admit that they look for them in the house, that one of them waits for the other watching TV at night, they don´t want to admit that they look for some excuses only for talk... Who understand them? They don´t want to admit that they are falling in love..