lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Chapter 1.

Like every Thursday night in that great city, Ali is going to his favorite club,it was his favorite because as I said, was his property. He took it with his other two partners, Alexandra and Emma. I can say that these three were not the typical workers, the typical friends of lifetime that cried and laughed and seemed inseparable. They were something else, I saw it with my own eyes. As one of them had a problem, they would help. Yes,it stills sounds typical. But I saw something that unfortunately I never had at that time. As they entered the door of that famous nightclub or coffee of always they knew if something was wrong, just a glance. Believe me. It was shocking. They looked and laughed, looked and cried,they knew exactly when they should give a hug or just pass each other if they didn´t want to die. That was what set them apart from the rest,   they were like twins souls, the three musketeers, and thank fot destiny, I was his Dartañan.

another history. PRELUDE

The street was empty, was normal on a Thursday at 5 am. But in the distance, at the door of a trendy nightclub, a girl about 15 cm heels struggling to survive with what it was, a heart attack.She falls to the ground shot,she has no voice for help. Apparently no one on the street, but only apparently. A few eternal seconds later, the ambulance arrives, the girl's out of this. And she has no idea what will change her life from then ..