sábado, 21 de enero de 2012


  • 4U: For you
  • 4S: For us
  • ASL: "Age, sex and location" 
  • LOL: "Laughing Out Loud" 
  • O RLY?: "Oh Really?"  
  • OMG: "Oh my God!" 
  • OFC: "Of course!"
  • PLZ: "Please"
  • R U: "Are You?"
  • SOM1: Someone
  • SYL: See You Later:
  • THX: Thanks
  • U2: You too
  • WTF "What The Fuck?"
  • XOXO: "besos y abrazos"
  • XD:
  • B4 – Before
  • BF – Boyfriend
  • FB – FaceBook 
  • GF – Girlfriend
The first day was a failure, people didn´t answer us and others lost interest because they asked us a photo or web cam, we said no and they said goodbye.
 Esp speaks us,he says that he is 41 years old and is from Morocco, and he asks us the cam so we left him.
We found a girl from Cuenca, they are Maca and Elena.
Ayeham is 34, is a boy and he is from Pakistan
Dreamboy tells us that his girlfriend  cheated on him, he went to Mexico and he knows a little Spanish like "jajajaja"
Chipson was a very nice guy. He said he was bored because he was having a bad day.  He is from the Maldives, is 23. We said we were studying journalism. He started working very young