lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011


It was him, the most stupid person in the world, the same that was sat next to me in the plane.
-Oh, sit!.- It was the first thing that a could say in that moment.
-I love you too!.- He said with a big touch of irony.- I need the money and you need a place where to sleep no? So we don´t need any type of contact
-Quiet, I wouldn´t pretended it, can I come in?
-hmm…yes, you can.
It was the most beautiful  penthouse that I´d ever seen. There were a lot of photographs, in all the walls. They were wonderful. All of were signed with a letter, a J.
-They are very nice, who is the author?.- I asked.
-Tss! I don´t know… I bought them in Candem.
-I´m really angry…Have you got something for eat?
-No for you, but you can take something of the fridge, just today. The food runs of your count.
-I got the idea.

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